Impact Screwdrivers

Impact wrenches and screwdrivers

Change tyres like a professional

It's that time again — spring and autumn. The annual tyre change is due. Anyone who does not take their car to a workshop for this knows that changing tyres is not only exhausting, but time-consuming. But you can make this easy with a powerful impact screwdriver as the wheel nuts loosen as if by themselves, with hardly any physical effort. Thanks to the high torque, you can also use the impact screwdriver to loosen stuck screws or screw very long screws with a large diameter into wood. With an Einhell Power X-Change cordless impact screwdriver you can move without cables flexibly and loosen the wheel nuts on your car in no time at all. If you have a power socket in your garage, of course you can also use the corded impact screwdriver. Has your tyre been damaged on a trip, or even punctured? Now's the time for your spare tyre! With a 12-volt car impact screwdriver that is easily plugged into the cigarette lighter, the nuts are loosened in no time and the tyre can be changed. This makes the car impact screwdriver the perfect tool for unfortunate punctures!