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One battery for more than 300 tools for workshop and garden

Goodbye cable tangle! Using the latest technology and ambitious visions, we have succeeded in developing a battery system that allows enjoying cordless freedom in all situations. Whether it is tools, garden tools or an e-kick scooter: By flexibly changing the battery pack and devices, it is possible to supply all members of the Power X-Change family cordlessly with just one type of battery.

Power X-Change: The most competent battery system.

Only from Einhell.

Cordless freedom.

For tool and garden.

When you have no longer to worry about extension cables that are too short or sufficient sockets. When the device comes to the project instead of the other way round. When you simply insert the battery and are ready to go, whether it is a lawn mower, garden pump, rotary hammer or wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Than that is the feeling of cordless freedom. Than that is Power X-Change. That is our mission!

Latest technology.

Proven quality.

The Power X-Change batteries are the centerpiece of the platform. That is why we use only the best components such as high-performance Li-Ion cells and our intelligent ABS battery electronics in the batteries. This makes our PXC battery one of the safest in the industry and ensures efficiency, reliability and durability. We also pay attention to longevity for all other components, e.g. in the form of brushless motors. Because we are convinced of the quality, we offer the 30-day money-back guarantee on all Power X-Change devices and the guarantee extensions for devices and batteries.


Persevering. When it matters

No matter how big the projects get: With the different available capacities (Ah), the running time of the battery can be adapted to any project. Whether you just want to hang up a shelf or build an entire tree house. Whether your garden has the size of a towel or a soccer field. With Power X-Change you are up to any challenge.

Powerful devices. Powerful batteries.

Serving as a battery system for real enablers, our Power X-Change batteries are particularly powerful. With up to 1350 watts, the cordless tools and garden tools are in no way inferior to the wired counterparts. Instead of switching to 36 volt batteries for more power-intensive devices, PXC simply combines the power of two or even four batteries thanks to twin-pack technology. This creates an overview in the tool cabinet, saves money and, above all, the 18 volt batteries can then be used individually again.

18 V + 18 V = 36 V! The Twin-Pack technology

With different voltages and capacities, you are able to adapt the battery performance to your applications and devices by desire. We have developed the Twin Pack technology for particularly powerful devices, such as some of our Power X-Change lawn mowers, chain saws or wet and dry vacuum cleaners. You can use two Power X-Change batteries at the same time - for real 36V battery power!

Working even longer: In order to extend the runtime for 36 V devices besides the power without the hassle of recharging, we have added two batteries on top with the Double Twin-Pack technology. Four batteries are used. When the first two batteries run out, the system automatically switches to the two additional batteries. For example, the GE-CM 36/47 HW Li cordless lawn mower can mow a whole 500 m² + 500 m² = 1000 m² lawn with one battery charge.

Power X-Change Plus for extra battery power

Batteries do not only differ in terms of runtime and weight. The provided power is also crucial. For example, if you want to cut with the angle grinder, the runtime (see Ah specification) is mostly not decisive, but the sufficient power is. This is comparable to a car. On the mountain or when overtaking, more power, i.e. more horsepower/kW, is needed. With the Power X-Change Plus technology, more power is available with the same number of cells. Thanks to a sophisticated, cool and performance-oriented battery design and the targeted selection of particularly efficient cells, Power X-Change Plus stands for more power but also for more runtime and service life.

The 2-in-1 battery! The multi-ah technology

The latest battery innovation from Einhell gives the user two options: either 300% longer lifespan or 50% longer runtime. Thanks to Multi-Ah technology, the new Power X-Change battery is usable as a 4.0 Ah battery or as a 6.0 Ah battery. The change from 4Ah battery to 6Ah battery by push of a button is very easy. Using a 4Ah battery particularly protects the cells. That is why it has an up to 3 times longer total life compared to ordinary Li-ion batteries. The 6 Ah battery has a normal life span, but is particularly suitable for maximum runtime in capacity-intensive applications e.g. cordless lawn mower or cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner, because it delivers 50% more runtime (than a 4 Ah battery).

1 battery. 1000 possibilities.

From lawn mowers to rotory hammers to cordless crosscut saws: Power X-Change is the first cordless system to offer a wide range of tools for hobby gardeners and DIY enthusiasts alike. Over 250 tools are already part of the Power X-Change family and the number is growing. Thanks to the Power X-Change System battery, products from our cooperation partners have also already been connected, e.g. an E-Kick scooter from GOVECS, children's electric vehicles from Jamara and a logistical transport system from Blickle. Just 1 battery. 1000 possibilities.

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Cable tangle

Plattform battery: Simply save money

As soon as a battery (or two batteries for 36 V devices) and a charger are available, all other devices can simply be "Solo", i.e. can be purchased without battery and charger. This allows you to save money without having to cut back on equipment or quality.

Protect the environment

Power X-Change enables one battery type to be used for all tools and garden tools instead of separate batteries and chargers for each individual device. Because fewer batteries and chargers are required due to the use of the battery platform, you not only have less battery chaos at home, you also conserve resources and thus the environment.

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